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Moments Matter

Consumers are now snacking more than ever. Successful product development and marketing depend largely on understanding consumer motivations that drive purchase. Join our CEO for this webinar: Motivations Behind Snack and Breakfast Bar Occasions

New Research: "What Really Matters In Mobile Shopping Apps"

Get a better understanding of todays Mobile Savvy Shopper. How to leverage the power of the smartphone to engage consumers.  Read more...

Build More Relevant Products: "Liking" & Product Choice

Food Technology just published our research regarding how and why you need to design
the right cues into products and packaging to signal benefits
promised by the brand. Download the pdf of the article.

Research on Multi-Screen Usage

In a Multi-Screen World, What is the True Value of Each Device?

See the post by AOL on our research. View Here...

Research On Mobile Moments

Award Winning Research on Mobile Momentsdescribe the image

More On Innovation and Moments

Innovation Success Requires Being Relevant In The Moment.

InsightsNow Has Custom Research On Consumer Moments To Take The Question Mark Out Of "Why"!

It isn't enough to know WHAT consumers are doing. You need to know WHY! Our research answers Why.

You know the importance of understanding consumer moments. InsightsNow moments uncover the conscious and subconscious motivators of behavior. This unique research methodology can draw out  things consumers cannot articulate. Add to that 'context' and you have a full relevant picture of a consumer moment.

Understand how insight into consumer MOMENTS can help create products and marketing that are more aligned to truly fulfill the brand promise: 'Why Moments Matter'.

  • Product Development Moments: Understand the cues that are relevant based on what consumers are seeking in key choice moments. Build products to fulfill the brand promise. See The Research...

  • Consumer Moment Landscapes: Find Innovation opportunities for marketing and product development by defining consumer use moments. See The Research...

  • Mobile Moments: Understand consumer mobile moments to engage with consumers based on what they are seeking in the moment. See The Research...

  • Shopper Moments: Define and quantify key shopper moments and engage consumers on their shopper journey. See The Research...

Why InsightsNow Can Help You Find Consumer Moments.

InsightsNow has a passionate team and custom research that inspires companies to think differently about their customers and their market opportunities. While we construct our research around your unique goals, our insight into consumer moments of brand engagement adds deeper relevance and perspective.

Clients work with InsightsNow to grow their brands through custom research for the ideation, design, building and marketing of new products.  Our award winning research gleans deep insight into the conscious and subconscious motivations in the “moments" of consumers’ lives.

This approach enables our clients to achieve incremental growth by modifying and reinforcing consumer behaviors.  The resulting strategy targets billions of dollars in untapped market potential with product development, marketing, and innovation initiatives that translate what consumers seek into winning designs.

In addition to our advanced methodologies, you cannot find another research team that delivers faster or more accurate consumer insights.

What You Receive As An InsightsNow Partner:

Proven Thought Leadership
Our award winning research zeros in on understanding the "MOMENTS" of consumer experiences which is ultimately more predictive of consumer behavior helping you create products that consumers seek and desire.

Speed With Accuracy
Our speed is your advantage.  Our real-time reporting and real-time “in-field” profiling of response behavior creates faster learning cycles. We accelerate research turn around without cutting corners and deepen insights by integrating multiple research phases of research into the same study.

Experienced Service

Our research experts deliver your everyday research needs and excel in tackling your most challenging issues.

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